Novated Leasing

One of the simplest and most tax-effective ways to purchase a new car

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Employees can salary sacrifice their next car with a novated lease

Novated leasing is one of the simplest and most affordable ways for your clients to purchase a new car. Offering thousands in savings each year, on income tax and GST alone, it comes with a host of benefits, including:

Convenient Fuel Cards so you are never out of pocket
Use your pre-tax salary to make repayments – which helps to save on income tax
Registration, insurance, servicing, fuel and tyres are included in the package
Consistently priced servicing and tyres at fleet rates
Fleet discounts on new cars and direct to their door delivery

Boost your client's savings with Novated Leasing

Best of all, one regular payment out of their pre-tax salary covers everything, making it easy to hit and stick to their budget. A choice of lease terms, no minimum kilometres and the option to sell, upgrade or own at lease end is sure to seal the deal. 

If you have clients intereseted in setting up a novated lease, Platform Finance have the expertise and systems to assist you.