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About Platform Finance

As one of Australia’s leading asset finance services partners, we’ve got the size, strength and support you need to build your business over the long-term.

But don’t be fooled, we don’t offer a one-size-fits all solution. Far from it.

For us, it’s all about partnerships and finding the right way to work together. After all, you and your business are unique, and your professional partnerships should reflect that. That’s why we mould our relationship to suit your business needs – not the other way around.

We also offer ongoing, personalised support that helps build a strong and connected community. That’s because when we work together, we grow together, creating a network that’s dedicated to shared success both now, and into the future.

With over 20 years experience, the country’s largest asset finance lender panel and, a team of skilled people behind us, we have everything you need to thrive and grow. Contact us today to learn how.

Driven by Value

Grow your business with the backing of the team that finances over 30,000 cars and over $1 billion worth of assets every year.

Lender Panel

Enjoy being spoilt for choice with Australia’s largest panel of asset finance lenders. Pick from over 40 consumer and commercial loan specialists nationwide and tailor deals designed specifically for your clients’ needs.

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Broker Support

Take your business to the next level with access to the latest technology, in-person and on-demand support and comprehensive training and development programs. Work with our experts from application to settlement and get your deals done in record time.

What support do we offer?

Community & Culture

The Platform Broker Community

When you join the Platform team, you don’t just get access to competitive finance, you join a community that’ll help propel your business forward. You’ll still enjoy the independence that comes with running your own show, but you’ll join a closely connected network offering the guidance, support and knowledge you need to succeed.

We share our success

Every deal you write helps our collective community grow stronger. Individual wins always motivate you to go the extra mile, but they also improve the buying power of the group, helps us maintain our volumes and our position as a market leader in asset finance. It’s win win.

We share our knowledge

Our community is built on expertise and shared knowledge so we’ve got an expert crew ready to go whenever you need it. From guidance, to information and mentoring, everything you need is just a phone call away.

We share our support

We want you to focus on writing deals, not filling out paperwork. So once your deals are done, pass them onto our full-service loan processing centre and get back to doing what you do best.

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