Platform Plus

The quoting and lodgement system for finance brokers to manage and process applications across consumer and commercial

About Platform Plus

Platform Plus has been designed for mortgage and finance brokers offering asset finance to their client base.

An asset finance quoting and lodgement system that will revolutionise the way you manage and process applications. Covering multiple lenders in the Consumer and Commercial space, allowing a streamline process and support for Brokers with all levels of experience.

Platform Plus allows brokers the option to fully submit applications and cover all compliance documents, or the option to Tick & Flick referrals through to the sales team. This is one of the first systems on the market that is compliant for Best Interest Duty (BID) regulations, so brokers can be confident they are meeting their responsible lending and NCCP obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive access to Platform Plus?

All Brokers accredited with Platform Finance can use Platform Plus. Contact your relevant BDM or Broker Support team to arrange your new access accreditations.

Can I track my application progress?

You can view the application in Platform Plus at any time on your individual dashboard.

Can I quote both Consumer & Commercial in Platform Plus?

Yes, you can quote Consumer Loans including vehicles, caravans, boats and motorcycles. Commercial is covered including vehicles, equipment, trucks and trailers.

Once I submit my application what can I expect?

Once submitting your application, our team will review and verify all details provided are satisfactory to the lender. After reviewing the application and supporting documents received, the team will touch base with you to confirm any outstanding information or they’ll proceed to lender submission.

How to generate a quick quote

Quote will display maximum commission and origination fee available. You can then adjust the client rate and origination fee accordingly to meet your client’s requirements. 

*Please note it will only generate lender suggestions that meet the criteria selected.

Quote Screen – Full Comms

When calculating your commission, the results displayed in ‘Total Broker Income’ on the quote screen is the amount of your earn. This will be a combined total of Commission and Origination Fee (where applicable).

The Broker Income is what you will earn after Platform’s processing fee.

Quote Screen – Discount

After saving you can refer to the quote for the client in your dashboard.


Accreditation Form

For access today, please complete our online accreditation form to confirm your details.

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