Make your email marketing a success with Platform Connect

Emails are the most personal and often the most effective way to reach your audience, and the return on investment of email marketing is higher than many other digital channels. And since it’s so personalised, it stands a better chance of getting into the inbox instead of being filtered out by spam filters. However, many businesses opt-out of utilising email marketing for these common reasons:

  1. Without an email marketing expert onboard, the technical aspects of third-party marketing tools can prove to be a challenge, 
  2. Lack of time, 
  3. The additional costs can be unjustifiable.

We are here to help our brokers with that. One of Platform Connect’s many features is the easy-to-use, in-built email marketing advanced functionalities that can help you increase the success of your email marketing campaigns. 

Let emails work for you

You can set up automated workflows in just a few clicks, send out messages at optimal times, create segmented lists and more. We even included many helpful automation events for our brokers. Here’s an example automation event: 

When a deal is marked as settled, send X campaign before/after Y days or on event

Looking to personalise your automated emails? You can create an automated email to be sent on your prospect’s birthday with Platform Connect. 

Use one of our many ready-to-go email templates to be edit with and sent, or create a brand new one from scratch with our user-friendly editor. We have a variety of email marketing campaigns templates, including promotions, newsletters, sales pitches, and more.

Platform Connect allows brokers to set up email marketing campaigns quickly, automated workflows in just a few clicks, send out emails at optimal times, create segmented lists and more.

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